Workplace Fashion in Ireland

What to wear for work?

We’ve all been there – waking up early on a Monday morning, the weekend is over, we desperately need a hot cup of coffee to bring us round before we open the wardrobe and face the inevitable clothing battle... what to wear for work. For the fashion conscious, the Monday’s outfit has been planned the day before, and will be freshly laundered, pressed and ready to wear. For the rest of us, it’s a stylish obstacle course to find something that’s clean, comfortable and suitable for work. In a recent survey, we put the ultimate “what to wear for work” questions to the Irish workforce:

Fashion consciousness

How much of the Irish workforce take style into consideration when getting dressed on a work morning? Our survey has revealed that a whopping 44% of the Irish workforce, consider themselves to be fashion conscious in their place of work, and rather interestingly, 36.22% of men taking part in the survey agreed. Not to be out done, 52.03% of the female Irish workforce agreed that they consider themselves to take their fashion seriously in the workplace. That said, 63.82% of women admitted to wearing the same outfit to work twice in the same week. Unsurprisingly, 72.83% of men also said that they wore the same outfit twice in one week.

Style vs comfort

While the majority of Irish workers take their workplace style fairly seriously, respondents also agreed that comfort was a huge deciding factor. So when it comes to the most comfortable outfit for work, 39.20% of respondents agreed that shirt and trousers came out on top. Surprisingly, more casual clothes such as T-shirt or shirt and jeans came second with 33.20% of respondents agreeing that this outfit was the most comfortable for work. Dresses took 18.4% of the vote for being the most comfortable for women, with blouse and skirts and trouser suits only getting around 13% of the vote for comfort. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that a suit and tie was voted to be the least comfortable outfit for work, getting only 12% of the vote.

Looking and feeling great

Looking good at work isn’t necessarily just about style. Those taking part in the survey agreed that it was more to do with projecting a good image of themselves in the workplace, with 75.4% of respondents agreeing. Of those taking part in the survey, 63.2% were in agreement that looking presentable can improve confidence in the workplace. But it isn’t just about looking good and feeling confident, 20.8% of those polled agreed that looking presentable at work could give you a better chance of a promotion with a further 11.6% saying that looking smart at work makes them more productive.
So next time you wake up on a Monday morning to confront the wardrobe, there are several aspects that you might want to consider before choosing your outfit for the day, from whether what your wearing looks good to whether it makes you part of your team. However, the most important factor of fashion in the workplace, according to the survey is comfort, with 75.8% of respondents stating this as the most important aspect of workplace fashion. Though, it might come as little surprise that looking good was considered the second most important factor, garnering 46.8% of the vote! A survey conducted by the team at Ladbrokes Ireland..