Responsible Gambling

Our Approach

For most of our customers, betting and gaming is an enjoyable and sociable way to spend time. It’s one of the reasons it continues to be so popular.

But for a small group of people it can cause personal, social, financial and even health problems.

We’re committed to helping our customers gamble safely and responsibly and providing support to those who need it.

As part of our commitment, in 2019 we launched our safer gambling strategy, ‘Changing for the Bettor, a Entain Holdings-wide initiative featuring seven key pillars to help understand and prevent problem gambling behaviour.

The guiding principle of our safer gambling campaign is to be the most trusted and enjoyable betting operator in the world.

We put customers at the heart of our business by ensuring they are protected from harm while playing with us.

For more information about our strategy, see our policy page.

This page was last reviewed and updated: February 2020