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Crazy Time Game Show

Key Info:

Land crazy multipliers and explore four Bonus Games on Crazy Time!

Will you spin the money wheel and land a multiplier or a Bonus Game? On Crazy Time, the wheel is loaded with even more than before, with our live game show hosts making it one of our most fun Casino games ever!

What to expect:

Our Crazy Time studio features a huge main money wheel, which is central to everything that happens on our new game!

But that’s not all, as there’s our Top Slot and four Bonus Games, which can help to multiply your potential winnings as the game goes on.

The money wheel has 54 segments which contains one of four chosen numbers, 1, 2, 5 or 10, or one of the four Bonus games – Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip or Crazy Time.

Our live host is in control of the money wheel, which will only be spun once the betting time has passed, but once the wheel has been spun, it’s all in the hands of the wheel.

Crazy Time is stacked with Bonus Games, with plenty of excitement to come from them, but remember, if you don’t bet on the Bonus Game, you can’t take part in the Bonus round.

How to play Crazy Time:

  • Select your stake using the chips
  • Place one or more bets on the spots you think the money wheel will stop spinning.
  • You can bet on four numbers on the wheel, 1, 2, 5 or 10.
  • The Top Slot generates a random multiplier for one random bet spot, which can be a number or Bonus Game
  • When the betting time is over, the live game presenter will spin the money wheel.
  • If the wheel stops at the number you have placed your bet on, you win.
  • If the number was given a random multiplier on the Top Spot, your bet will be multiplied.
  • If the wheel stops on the Bonus Bet Spot, the Bonus Game will start.
  • If the Bonus Game received a random multiplier on the Top Spot, all multipliers in the Bonus Game will be multiplied by this.

Key Features:

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery which features a big screen and 108 random multipliers. Each multiplier is covered by a random symbol.

The player will then have to place their target over the symbol of their choice, and when the countdown is over, the cannon will shoot at the target to reveal the multiplier.

Once revealed, the multiplier revealed with multiply your bet.


A large Pachinko wall with 16 drop zones at the top, physical pegs in the middle and 16 random multipliers in landing zones at the bottom.

Landing zones can be assigned random multipliers or ‘DOUBLE’ value. When in play, a puck can be dropped from zones 4 – 12, and if the puck lands on a multiplier, it multiplies your bet.

If the puck lands on ‘DOUBLE’, each of the individual multipliers are doubled and the puck is dropped again from a randomly selected drop zone until it lands on a multiplier, or the multipliers have reached their 10,000x maximum.

Rescue Drops may occur, where if a puck landed on a 2x, 3x or 4x multiplier, any multiplier that is lower than the one which was previously won will be boosted to the winning multiplier value. The puck will be dropped again from another randomly selected drop zone.

Coin Flip

It’s as simple as it sounds! A coin, featuring a blue side and a red side, will be flipped by the coin launcher.

Each side will have a different multiplier values, which will be revealed before the game host pushes the Flip button, which then flips the coin automatically.

The side of the coin, blue or red, which is facing upwards once the coin lands, wins, and will see your bet multiplier by the value shown.

Occasionally, a Rescue Flip of the coin may happen, where if the multipliers are deemed too low, the coin will be flipped again.

Crazy Time

Open up the red door to enter a fun and crazy world, with an even bigger virtual wheel featuring 64 segments, three flappers and crazy multipliers.

This feature has four different virtual wheels, with each wheel offering different things. Some offer more ‘DOUBLE’ and ‘TRIPLE’ segments, while other offer higher multipliers. But each time, the wheel is selected completely at random.

You’ll have to choose which flapper you play with, green, blue or yellow. If you fail to choose before the time is up, the flapper will be randomly selected for you.

Once chosen, the game starts when the game hosts pushes a button to set the wheel spinning. Once the wheel stops, the three flappers will each land in a section. The multiplier your selected flapper has landed on will be applied to your winnings instantly.

If one of the flappers stops on the ‘DOUBLE’ or ‘TRIPLE’ segments, all multipliers on the wheel will be doubled and you’ll take part in a re-spin to win even bigger multipliers!

The wheel can be re-spun after winning on ‘DOUBLE’ or ‘TRIPLE’ segments until the maximum 20,000x multiplier has been reached.


The return to player (RTP) average is 96.08%.